15+ High-Quality Guest Post Sites in UAE, Dubai, Gulf, and Middle East

Guest posting or guest blogging is all about writing for the top authority sites in exchange for exposure. Here are the top guest posting sites in the middle east.


Guest posting is all about writing the articles or the blog posts for the best and top-notch websites in exchange for exposure.

There are many objectives behind guest blogging that includes getting strong backlinks, quality traffic, and passing authority to your site.

If you can write engaging and interesting content, it is effortless to gain benefits from guest blogging in Dubai, UAE.

Top Guest Posting Sites in Dubai, UAE, and Gulf

Here is the list of best and most popular guest posting websites in UAE. Posting guest posts on these sites will definitely help your site in better off-site SEO.

Note: Before you approach any of the sites for the guest post, make sure you read their guest posting guidelines to avoid getting your request rejected.

Gulf Snoop

We at Gulf Snoop accept everything related to Gulf, UAE, and Dubai. From top banks in Dubai and profitable startup ideas in UAE to cultural and traditional facts about the UAE, we cover a lot of topics.

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Al-Fanar Media

Al-Fanar Media is an independent nonprofit news organization. They focus on education, research, and culture in the Arab region. All of their stories, commentary, and resources are published in both Arabic and English.

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DxbBlog provides first-hand information to its readers. They have a large and loyal following base, generating over 1.5+ million views on their reviews, across platforms.

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Dubai Blog Network

Dubai Blog Network provides professional web communication services and social media marketing in Dubai and UAE.

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Emirates Infohub

Emirates Infohub is one of the fastest-growing blogs in the United Arab Emirates. You can write any topics related to business, lifestyle, technology, and how-tos.

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Scoop Empire

Scoop Empire is your urban online hub for all that is new, hip, enticing, and funk in the middle east. They cover bustling entertainment scenes to burgeoning fashion worlds, delectable restaurants, political debates, the latest from the tech world, social media, thoughts, and insights, or simply your daily dose of news.

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Edarabia.com is the Middle East’s #1 Education Guide, helping students, parents, and educators compare and select the best institutions. Launched in 2005 (formerly IQEA.org), Edarabia has become a trusted source in the field of education. Visitors to the site can follow the latest industry news, upcoming events, job listings, research studies, compare college ratings, and add reviews.

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Musafir.com is the UAE’s first premium-experience travel website. They offer flights to over 3,000 destinations, hotel stays in over 85,000 properties around the world, holiday experiences, and much more.

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Dubai OFW

Dubai OFW is a weblog of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) living in Dubai and trying to grasp daily life in this desert city. At Dubai OFW, he features his experiences from adventures, food places, work, fitness, and everything that he can write about Dubai.

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Emirates Diary

Emirates Diary is a leading blog in UAE which provides you with information on Job Tips for UAE, UAE Life Tips, UAE Labour Law. Most of the articles and posts on Emirates Diary are related to UAE.

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Expat Info Desk

The Expat Info Desk is owned and run by a team of expatriates. Each one of them has successfully relocated to cities throughout the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, China, the USA, and India.

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CustomerService.ae is the only website in the GCC region which publishes best practices, expert interviews, and in-depth articles to enhance the customer experience for all types of businesses.

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Dubai Travel Blog

Dubai Travel Blog a growing site about travel, food, tips, adventures, culture, and experiences in Dubai, UAE. This blog is becoming an informational resource for travelers when visiting the Emirate.

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DoinDubai articles are written by Monica Kapila based on real experiences and packed with helpful information, including phone numbers and location maps. It is a platform to share her insider knowledge of life in Dubai city.

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UAE Wikipedia

UAE Wikipedia empowers more than 872,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog. UAE Wikipedia covers topics related to starting & managing a blog, UAE job guide, start a business in UAE, companies in UAE, social-media, SEO, and making money online.

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Dubai Travel Adventure

Dubai Travel Blog is an ultimate Dubai Travel Guide from a local travel blogger, Shedi. He is an Expat Travel Blogger in Dubai. At Dubai Travel Adventure, find Dubai travel guide, honest trip experiences, and reviews of tour operators and hotels.

Visit Dubai Travel Adventure

Benefits of Guest Posting You Must Know

Here is the list of top 5 advantages of guest blogging or guest posting and how it can help you grow your site:

Brands your business

In this digital world, guest posting works wonders for promoting and advertising your business immensely. It is the best way to attract your target audience to your business, which will help you to generate good sales leads and generate higher revenues for your business.

Attracts quality traffic

Yet another significant benefit of guest blogging or guest posting is that it helps in attracting quality traffic to your website. You will definitely get the exposure through the guest posts you share on authority sites.

Builds authority

Another significant advantage of guest posting is that it helps in building your site’s authority. The more the authority, the higher it will rank in the search results. That will ultimately result in more organic traffic to your site.

Grow online presence

Guest posting helps you build and grow your online presence. By guest posting, you open the gates for the audience of the site where you published your guest post.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that guest posting is quite an effective method to create your online presence and in turn, grow your business

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