40+ Profitable Startup Ideas to Start a Business in UAE

In today’s date, people desire to be a successful entrepreneur. So you also must be pondering about starting a fresh new business or a startup in Dubai or UAE.

The next part is which small business ideas have more chances to prosper and flourish at a rapid pace?

You must focus on the different choices available for you to start a small business earn money, as per your preference, your knowledge, and the skill set.

Startup Ideas to Start a Small Business in UAE

Choosing the best business idea can become an uphill battle. Especially if you don’t have much capital for investment, it can get tough to find the best small business to start.

There are various alternatives from which you can select the right kind of business idea for you to start with.

Here is the list of trending small businesses that you can start with low or almost no money. Some of these are home-based business ideas, while some require dedicated workspace.

Career Coaching

It is one of the best ideas for small businesses. For starting a new business, you can start with the career coaching classes, if you love teaching.

Career Coaching

The amazing benefit of starting a career coaching class is that you get to meet the clients of all ages. You get to meet young people who will come to coaching for you.

It’s the best thing to guide the youth about which career path to choose as per the skills. You can guide older people too to find the right kind of job as per their abilities.

You will get to meet various talents, and you shall prepare them for the job interviews, enhance their resumes, and help them to understand their passion for a particular work.

In today’s era, it’s not only students who join the best coaching classes, but parents also flock to the tutors for helping their children stay ahead in this competitive world and get their children admission in the best colleges, by consulting the best tutors.

You can begin the career coaching business by giving tuition to the students at their homes or at the schools.

To have a successful coaching service business, you are required to have proper qualifications, many references, good experience, better pricing.

This is a fantastic business idea to make money from home.

Apparel Business

With the growing population of the UAE, the apparel business is beneficial and will always be.

Apparel Business

Clothing demand will never decrease. Instead, it will increase with time. Not only that, the UAE and Dubai are the most famous destinations for shoppers.

Starting an apparel business in UAE will give you profits in both the short and long term.

Online Retail Assistant

If you have a better grip and understanding of the renowned products selling platforms like Etsy and eBay, then you can be of great help for the online businesses to prosper and flourish swiftly.

Online Retail Assistant

You can start by assisting the sellers in setting up and enhance their stores, guide them about getting the best product photoshoot, which will attract the customers at a rapid pace.

You can also guide them in writing catchy and unique product descriptions, which will keep the customers engrossed, and ultimately, it will generate sales.

You can suggest the clients to make massive use of social media platforms to market and advertise their shops and how to get their marvelous products featured in the publications, which will increase their sales and the revenues will get boosted.

Guide the clients about how to promote business through classifieds. It is a very interesting and enjoyable business idea.


With the increasing number of products and services, advertising demands are also increasing. Companies and businesses are looking for people who can promote their brand.

Advertising Business

Advertising has no limits on the money you can make. But you have to develop your advertising skills to bring profits to the party you are promoting.

It requires almost zero investment to start the advertising business. Look for those with advertising needs. Offer prices lower than the market initially to build a client base.

Gradually, your business will grow, and the level of growth is in your hands.

Personal Shopper

If you are not able to decide the type of business you must start, you can start with as a personal shopper. For personal shoppers, shopping is not just their passion, but it is their business.

Personal Shopper

There are so many popular places for shopaholics in Dubai. Shopping for them turns out to be like a part of their image-consultant business.

Personal shopper starts with an interview to decide the requirement of the clients, at times expanded by a written personality test, and besides, his or her personal preferences, if style and the color is concerned.

The consultant can also take the client for a shopping exploration, or go shopping without the client.

A personal shopper can assist people with the best attires at work, at dinner, or other kinds of events. It is one of the finest business ideas in Dubai for ladies.

Upcycling Service

If you are a creative person and have a flair for crafts and doing something creative, you can start using the products which are otherwise to be thrown. You can turn them into useful items and start selling them on the e-commerce platforms, and start earning good money.


But before starting a new business, you must know how to create a business reputation online. You can also turn other people’s unwanted products into upcycled products.

You can start with breathing life into old-fashioned clothes and turn them into trendy and more stylish, or you can turn old t-shirts into quilts for the winters.

This is yet another classy way of starting a small business in the UAE and become an entrepreneur.

Arts & Craft

If you have a creative mind with ideas about creating and art and craft products, then this business is for you.

Arts & Craft

Not everyone looks for branded products that are being sold at big stores. Some people look for antique hand made items.

This business requires very least investment since crafting items are cheap, and most of the stuff can be found at home.

Not only nearby, but you can also sell your products online also through eCommerce portals.

With unique ideas and proper implementation, it won’t take long to make a name for yourself and attract new customers.

Online Store

You are not required to be a big retailer for beginning an online store.

No matter, if you sell directly to the consumers or you opt for the drop-shipping service, you need a responsive website that can keep the visitors engrossed, and the best e-commerce app software to start with this small business.

Online Store

You can begin by selling your own products from the top-notch suppliers. If you are a creative person, you have an excellent option of selling your own marvelous handcrafted creations or the products on the leading online marketplaces.


In UAE, especially in Dubai, people look for handymen for various household services. Including carpentry, repairs, electrical work, plumbing, etc.


You can start with mastering any one skill initially. Once you get good at it, you can expand your business with new skills.

Also, people in the UAE pay well for handyman services because they get the work done without going anywhere. So, it is a win-win situation.

Event Planner

Are you fond of parties? You can begin a small business as an event planner. And in this way, your passion will take the shape of a flourishing small business.

Event Planner

In today’s era, event planners are in high demand for each and every event. As an event planner, you must keep abreast new way of enhancing your event as per today’s date.

The events which you organize must be one of its kind so that more customers will get attracted by your creativity, which in turn will enhance your business.

You must have to be patient while you deal with the clients as an event planner. You must not become nervous at the time of unpredicted disasters and stressful situations.

Home-Based Food Service

If you are a passionate chef and love unwinding yourself at times by cooking delicious food, then you can start with a home-based bakery, as a personal chef or a catering service.

Home-Based Food Service

You can start by making good food for the events, individuals, local businesses, or organizations.

It is a wonderful opportunity to make money by your passion for cooking. It is the best way of starting a small business for the people who love cooking to the core.


Transportation is one of the basic necessities of people in the UAE. People travel long distances for work and business.


Focusing on this segment can help you make good bucks. From low-end automobiles to luxury class, everything sells in UAE and Dubai.

If you are low on capital, then you can go with franchising. That way, you get the commission for everything you sell with little to zero investment.


Many places, there is no requirement of a license for running a babysitter service from home if you keep your child headcount to a limited number.


These days, both the parents are at the job, so providing home-based child care is a wonderful small business idea in Dubai.


Dubai in the UAE is famous for its various entertainment activities. People from all around the globe visit the country to enjoy and participate.


You can be a part of any entertainment activity like a dance group or band or play, or you can even launch your own entertainment agency.

Yard Work

When you look back to your summer vacations, you would have loved trudging behind the lawn-mower, pushing it with your complete force and sweating profusely, so that you could make some money to buy your favorite sports equipment to enjoy outdoor playing, or buying a stunning motorbike.

Yard Work

So, if you are looking forward to starting a small business, you can also start a yard care business and make a good living with it.

Once you have started this as a business, you will need to know the top business listing websites in Dubai, which will enhance your business at a rapid pace.

There are various benefits of starting a lawn care business. You can be your own boss with zero investment, as it is your business. This is one of the most amazing business ideas in the United Arab Emirates.

Poultry Farm

UAE’s population is a mix of people from all cultures and religions. So poultry farm business can be very profitable.

Poultry Farm

This business is not that typical. With some experience and guidance, anyone can easily run a poultry farm.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

We are living in is a tech-savvy world. The use of smartphones and computers is growing exponentially.

Computer Maintenance

With the increase in use, the problems are also increasing. Especially computer-related problems that are unpredicted and can occur even when you are in the middle of something important.

Computer problems are of many types like:

  • Setup problems
  • Crashes
  • Software Issues
  • Networking problems

It is a sure thing that every home with a computer is going to have some kind of problem sooner or later.

So, if you have a pretty good technical knowledge of computer repairing and maintenance, understanding of the computer hardware and software, then this business idea is for you.

You can set up a small business for computer maintenance and repair and make a good living.

Fish Farming

The growing population of the UAE has created an enormous demand for seafood. Even a small setup for aquafarming can give you good profits.

Fish Farming

It is a very promising business idea since seafood demand will only increase with time.

Cleaning Service

Some people love hygiene a lot. This is yet another small business opportunity to target.

Cleaning Service

There are 2 markets for cleaning service as a business:

  • Consumers: The consumer-oriented cleaning service business includes carpet cleaners, window cleaners, and other different types of cleaning services.
  • Commercial: The commercial cleaning service as a business includes offering a wide range of services. They generally target businesses rather than individual consumers.

The recent technology is an added advantage in cleaning service as a business. This is one of the most profitable companies in today’s date, which will help you generate higher revenues swiftly.


People in UAE love traveling and tourism. Even the significant portion of the country’s population comprises of immigrants who were just a tourist in UAE at some point.


Targeting this niche doesn’t require any investments. You just need to have contacts to build partnerships.

People spend a good amount on their vacations. Planning their tour for them can ease their troubles and bring profits to your bank account.

Efficiency Consultation Service

In today’s date, people desire to have cost-cutting in every work.

Efficiency Consultation Service

Anybody who has good knowledge and understanding of the utilities or construction can be of great help to the homeowners or the businesses for installing better pieces of equipment, cutting down the water usage, save electricity, and the business will flourish rapidly.

Once you have started this business, you will need a website, too, for self-branding and generating sales leads.

Food Delivery

Any kind of business in the food industry will excel in UAE. Not only because of the citizens, but the country attracts a large number of tourists that come to emirates in UAE like Dubai just for food.

Food Delivery

Food delivery services are in huge demand these days. People are busy in their lives and work. They prefer their food to be delivered at home.

You can either join a food delivery service or start your own. You will make profits in both cases.

Pet Sitting

Various households in today’s date have pets in their home. So, it for sure that the pet sitting business is growing in demand.

Pet Sitting

You can start this pet sitting business by caring and sitting with the pets of the houses, when their owners will not be home or on vacation.

Pet sitters are of great helps to the customers with the assurance they give to the owners of the house, that their pets are being taken care of by professional pet sitters.

You can start a small business as a pet sitter. You just need to start with proper planning, to decide about the pets of your choice and preference, and also to make sure that the pets will be adequately treated by you.


Yet another small business you can start is by being the organizer. Many of the people don’t have much time to organize many things.


If you love to organize things in the best manner, then you can make a good living by starting organizing business.

There are varieties of things to organize at the household, like arranging the kitchens very neatly, arranging the file drawers, arranging the closets.

The icing on the cake is that you can start this business on a shoestring. And if you are a neatnik, you will love this business to the core.

For this business, your clients can be some homeowners or the apartment dwellers who get tired after their busy schedules and don’t get time to organize things properly.

Once you have started this as a business, you can attract more and more clients by giving ads in the newspapers, list your business on the classified websites.


UAE and especially Dubai are most famous for tourism. People from all around the world plan trips to Dubai to visit exotic places.


One part of trips is creating memories. Without photographs, every trip is incomplete. Tourists look for good photographers in UAE.

All you need is a DSLR camera and photography skills, and you are good to go. Photography is not a typical business. You need to be creative and skilled to be a successful photographer in Dubai.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is yet another trend these days. For starting a small business as a virtual assistant, you will just require a good functioning laptop and a website, which will keep the visitors engrossed from soup-to-nuts.

Virtual Assistant

You must also have an excellent social media presence, as it is the best way to boost the business in today’s tech-savvy era.

If you have a good skill set and knowledge regarding the administrative work, and you desire to work for yourself, then one of the class opportunity is by being a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants work from a distant place, and they perform all the things which cannot be performed by the business owners, as they don’t get time out of their tight schedules.

You can run this business from your home.

Remote Bookkeeping

Various companies cut down their employees to reduce the cost to the company.

Remote Bookkeeping

Very few businesses will be running without a bookkeeper. Remote bookkeeping is yet another trend of starting a small business from a faraway place.

If you have got a good skill set and knowledge about bookkeeping, then this is the best business idea to start with and make a good living.

The best part is that you can do most of the work from home as a freelancer in the UAE and be your own boss.

Real Estate

The real estate business in the UAE and Dubai are the most profitable of all. UAE is a county that is full of tall skyscrapers and buildings.

Real Estate

People from both investment and commercial purpose look for real estate businesses. Initially, you don’t need any investments in this business.

You just need contacts with people that actually own the properties and want to sell or rent. The commission margin in real estate has no limits. There are real estate agents that make millions of bucks just from one deal.

Translation Business

Many of the businesses don’t invest a king’s ransom for keeping a translator as a staff.

Translation Business

These days, many people need a translator, be it doctors, or the insurance companies, they require foreign language speakers to help in communicating with their customers.

If you are good at foreign languages and have excellent marketing skills, this is the perfect business for you.

You need to be very fluent in a foreign language. Well, most of the translations these days are being handled by the ever-growing business technology.

But, human translators are also in high demand for quality-oriented and accurate translation.

Vending Machine

UAE is famous for shopaholics, tourists, and business people. Such a busy population always look for refreshments and snacks.

Vending Machine

A vending machine is a simple retailing concept that sells small food items through an automatic machine.

You can install your own vending machines at popular spots in UAE.


In the current scenario, cost-cutting is more critical, so that the business gets more profit. It is a wonderful business to start as a cost-cutter and help businesses to save huge bucks.


Cost-cutters must have a good understanding and knowledge. It is a good business that will reach new heights once you get satisfied and happy customers by making a splash and spreading the word about your business.

Recruitment Agency

UAE is a hub of jobs and businesses. People from all around the world come to the UAE and Dubai to get a job.

Recruitment Business

You can start your own recruitment agency. The concept is simple. You recruit some eligible candidates, interview them, and send them for actual interviews in the companies.

For all the candidates that get selected, you get a fixed amount or a part of their first salary for helping them get a job.

Social Media Consultancy

Social media consultancy business is yet another business idea, especially for the internet-savvy people.

Social Media Consultancy

You can quickly start a small business as a social media consulting service. You must have good knowledge about how to use different types of social media for enhancing the business of the clients.

If you are skilled, you can be of great help for the small business or any businesses to expand their reach and generate sales leads and eventually generate higher revenues.


In today’s date, every business likes to expand its reach. People want their own websites for their businesses, as self-branding.


So, every website will need quality content to keep the visitors hooked to your websites, and this will only happen if the content is top-class.

Many search engines are in favor of the websites which keep updating their content now and then. In a nutshell, every site requires a content writer.

So, it is the best business to start as a copywriter or content writer. Once you have many satisfied customers, you will earn a good living from this business.

You can start with various kinds of writings, like blog writing, web content writing, press release writing, etc. All you need is professional skills in writing.

Security Service

A considerable portion of the UAE’s population consists of wealthy families and individuals. Though the UAE is a very safe country, still why take the risk?

Security Service

Start a security service and target the wealthy segment of the country’s population. This can include surveillance services, firewall setup, and human resources.

Health Insurance Consultancy

Many of the businesses are required to provide health insurance sooner or later. But companies in today’s date cannot afford a full-time human resource person, to deal with the complex situations of health insurance.

Health Insurance Consultancy

So, these days, there is a high demand for the companies who will be looking for outside services to help them wade through precise information related to the health insurance plans and the premiums.

For starting a business as a health insurance consultant, you must have good knowledge of human resources and insurance.

Elder Assistance Service

In today’s date, the population of senior citizens is growing, and so there is a great demand for elder assistants.

Elder Assistance Service

You can start your business as an elder assistant, and help seniors with the daily routine tasks.

You can help the senior citizens with tasks like grocery shopping, paying their bills, cleaning houses, administering medicines, helping them in taking a bath, and above all, companionship.

For starting this business, you must perform proper research. You can check out for the senior citizens living in your nearby area, and research about the services they need.

Many families where both husband and wife are working and children are at school or college, then the business of assisting the elders is in growing demand.

It is a win-win situation for both you and the family. You get to make money, and the family will get a reliable and trustworthy person to look after the older person or senior citizen in the family.

You must research how to get jobs in Dubai, and you will get the list of such elder assistant jobs and various other kinds of jobs.


UAE has the most advanced population that welcomes all the digital trends before any other country. Catering to the needs of such a population is an incredible business idea.

Cyber Cafe

Under the telecommunication business, you can provide cable TV services, open a cyber cafe, sell recharge cards & top-up cards, smartphone selling & repairing, etc.


Many businesses make money by recycling products. This is yet another innovative and creative way of starting a small business, by starting with recycling the products and make it for use by the customers.


A profitable recycling business helps you to earn a good living by being of great help to the environment. There is good competition in this business.

You must formulate a plan, and have good knowledge in this niche, then start with this recycling business.

Errand Services

Errand service is also a perfect small business idea. Many people want someone to help them perform their tasks when they are unable to perform by themselves physically.

Errand Services

The target customers for the errand service business are the disabled persons, senior citizens, moms who live at home, and the people who have 8 hours working in a day.

The business owners of the errand services can work as the sole proprietor or in partnership.


Dubai and UAE have a huge population of people that travel for hours daily to get to work. Even though the UAE government has the best transportation facilities, there is still a vast scope for entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity in this segment.

Transportation Business

You can provide cab services to people in need. Not only that, you can invest in some automobiles and offer them on rent.

There are businesses in the UAE with products and raw materials that require heavy vehicles. You can invest in some vehicles and provide them on rent as well.


It is the era of entrepreneurs. Every individual desires to be one, so they look forward to starting a small business.

But, once you have made up your mind to start with a business idea, the next step is to spread the word about your business.

That’s all! Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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